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Everyone aspires to get their dream career. Approximately 22% of people end up achieving this goal. What are the other 78% of people doing? Did they give up? Were they scared to pursue their goals and dreams? Are they scared of failure? If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, you are not alone. The key to success is figuring out what is the best version of yourself and your calling. The good news is with technology and education, we are all capable of becoming experts in the industry we want to be in.


Social media has given us platforms to brand ourselves and monetize our passions. What are you waiting for? Do you want to live your life wondering what if you tried? Now is your time to build your brand and work for yourself. Your brand is a vivid indication of the best version of yourself in terms of your story, mission, and value proposition. A successful personal brand is one that people knows, likes, and trust. Let me coach you in your personal branding journey and help you build a brand that is memorable, authentic, relevant, and inventive.

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About me

I am a personal branding coach who wants to help you create and launch your personal brand. My personal branding journey started when I became a Latina influencer and content creator promoting personal growth and authenticity. My content on social media promotes authenticity, philanthropy, creativity, and self-improvement. My ten years of experience in Digital Marketing and Social Media made me an expert in the industry.


My personal branding journey began after defeating melanoma cancer. Surviving cancer helped me realize I wanted to make a difference in society. I started volunteering in several local nonprofits focusing on helping children in need and cancer patients. From there, I transitioned my volunteering efforts to other countries in Latin America to spread awareness. Volunteering and helping people suddenly became the fuel to my fire. Suddenly, my content's main focus was to inspire people to make a difference. Shortly after, brands started reaching out to work with me.

My experience partnering and collaborating with Fortune 500 companies showed me the impact of a successful personal brand. I want to share my knowledge and branding strategies with people. That's why I became a personal branding coach to help people build their online presence. My goal is to help people create a profitable personal brand their target audience knows, likes, and trusts. 


Let's start this journey together!


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